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"Universal Reconciliation", "the restitution of all" and "universal salvation" are all synonymous.

Do you believe your will can ultimately override, or is more powerful than God's?
Do you believe the works of evil in whatever form will triumph over God?
Do you believe God was broadsided by evil and is unable to straighten it all out?

Before you answer, know that if you believe the standard teaching that the majority of the world's population will be burned and tormented alive throughout all eternity your answer to all the above questions is YES! Read and learn about the Gospel as it was once delivered before religion got a hold of it!

(2Pe 3:9) The Lord is not ...willing for ANY to perish but for ALL to come to repentance. Whose will is sovereign, man's or God's?

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Universal Salvation University

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Universal Salvation University

Most people listen to preachers and basically say, "Tell me what to believe." To get past traditions of men, dogmas and evolved error you will have to be diligent and study to get past it. I have supplied you with the best of what I have found. Don't expect to agree with or understand everything - just read and study prayerfully while keeping an open mind. Your prison of "status quo" doctrine is about to be rattled!

Beginner Materials

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Intermediate Materials

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Advanced Materials

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Questions submitted by viewers:

Richard, On your recent telecast you said that the Hebrew and Greek words that we translate as "forever" don't mean what we mean by "forever", i. e., without end, continuing always. You then say that this precludes an eternal punishment and suffering in hell for the condemned. But the clear implication is that, if our concept of "forever" can't be applied to hell, then neither can it be applied to Heaven. Thus, the necessary result is that hell ends, and heaven ends, and the real finish of a human life must be absolute non-existence; ultimate mortality. This is an interesting teaching you've got there, but it is completely contrary to the obvious and continuous teaching of Jesus Christ, the one and only God-man Who never lies. Truth is Jesus, David

David, Thanks for writing. As the show made clear I was teaching on the 4 main different views of salvation in church history. Your email shows you are a thinking person. Very few people would have picked up on that point. First, look in a Strong's exhaustive King James concordance and look for the word forever. You won't find it. You have to look under "ever" because it is always written "for ever". An exhaustive study of this word proves beyond doubt that the word translated for ever or everlasting GETS IT'S DURATION BY THE CONTEXT AND THE SUBJECT it is discussing. If I said tall ant or tall skyscraper you would know by the context that we are talking about different "talls." If I said long song or long planet orbit, you would know the "longs" are different. Also, there are MANY things referred to in the Bible as being forever that in fact have ended and Jesus taught the fires in the Valley of Hinnon [Gehenna] were everlasting - they have long since gone out. You are right - let God be true and a true understanding of the original language will prove Jesus didn't make an error.
I am looking for people like you to help me with this subject. I have no problem with contrary opinion. If you can look on this page there is an document here called Aion - Aionios (HTML or Microsoft Word) which is an exhaustive study on the words in question. Would you be willing to read it and we can discuss it? There is also a less intensive study of the words in question in the Intermediate section called Ages or Eternity and the King James Bible
Thanks again and I hope to continue a dialogue with you. Lastly, be assured I am convinced from within and from Scripture that the life we have in Christ is eternal and incorruptible as the words are understood in today's English. Hope to hear from you again...Richard

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