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Is This Universalism
Is this Universalism? Are you a Universalist?
I teach first century Christianity. I am not a member of the Universalist or Unitarian church but have no problem with any of them. The definitions of the terms 'Universalism', 'Universalist', 'Unitarian' and Universal Salvation are all over the map. So let me clarify!

Universalist, Unitarian, Universalism What I Am Teaching
Universalism appears to focus less on Jesus Christ and God's plan of redemption. What I am teaching places the truth, which is Christ, front and center to the entire plan of salvation!
Universalism appears to minimize teachings of repentance. I teach that repentance is an essential and progressive part of the salvation process.
Universalism appears to minimize discussion of the judgments of God. I teach the judgments of God are corrective, remedial and just and the fires of God purgative and cleansing!
Universalism appears to minimize the born-again experience. I teach the born-again experience, experientially unique to everybody, is essential to salvation!
Universalism appears to teach that all paths lead to God. I teach there is only one way to salvation and that way is the truth (Jesus the Christ).
Universalism appears to teach that salvation is a vague universal "principle." I teach that salvation, while universal, is an intimate and profound experience with God.
Universalism appears to teach that all spiritual leaders, regardless of religion, are somehow on the same level as Jesus Christ. While everyone has something to teach, I teach that Jesus, the Christ, is irreplaceable and incomparable!
Universalism appears to say that one can "sin their way into Heaven." I doubt that is what they teach. I teach as scripture says, "As I live and breathe, God says, every knee will bow before me; Every tongue will tell the honest truth that I, and only I, am God" (Message Bible Rom. 14:11-12)

So to be clear, ANY use of the term Universalist or Universalism in ANY document on this site should not be confused with the First Century Christianity I am teaching. I am teaching what I have found, and continue to find, is the closest we can come to the teachings of Christ before religion got a hold of it.. The definitions of the words 'Universalist' and 'Universalism' have varied, and continue to vary, greatly over the years.

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