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New - Critical Thinking and Martial Arts and some second opinions on alternative medicines.

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Bible Codes - real or not?

Bible Codes page [debunking]  For pro bible codes info - read published books.

Richard's Research

Tithing - Fact vs. Fiction

Consumer Protection

Internet ScamBusters
Net Scams
National Fraud Information Center
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
National Charities Information Bureau
National Fraud Information Center

Critical Thinking

Current Internet Scams/Urban Legends
The Straight Dope
Ex-Cult Archive

Junk Science



False Memory Syndrome



The National Council Against Health Fraud
The FDA's list of the top ten health frauds.
Quackery--How to define and recognize it.
Help on Alternative Medicine at the National Institute of Health.
Recipes For Health And Wellness
The Debate On Selling Organs


AntiShyster On-Line exposes corruption in the legal profession.

Multi-Level Marketing

What's Wrong with Multi-Level Marketing?



Skeptics Society Web
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
The Skeptic
British Columbia Skeptics Society
Skeptical Information (Jim Lippard)
The Secular Web
Mind Surf with the Skeptic
Andrew Skolnick-Science and Medical Journalist
James Randi
Bad Asstonomy
Forums @

Word Games, Lies, Deceit and Deception

Conversational Terrorism 1
Conversational Terrorism 2
Conversational Terrorism 3